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Action and Opportunities

On this page the Social Justice Team presents some ideas about how you can participate and alerts you to specific actions you can take.

Tell us what kinds of social justice activities interest you. Complete the SURVEY.


Vigils, rallies, peaceful protests and demonstrations are some of the actions we can take to influence public policy.


For example, once each month UU's along with members of other faiths draped signs over the I-95 overpass at Guilford Road waving to vehicles passing underneath asking "Where are the Children?" These dedicated people were advocating for an end to an unjust, cruel and inhumane policy of separating children from their parents at our southern border. Other UU's would stand on the corner of Gov. Warfield Parkway with signs to remind passing drivers that Black Lives Matter, while more UU's attended interfaith candlelight vigils at Wilde Lake to support our immigrant neighbors. Many of us have marched in Washington to protest wars, to protect reproductive rights.

In addition to vigils, rallies, protests and demonstrations, Channing's Social Justice Team offers members, friends, young adults, youth various oopportunities.

Some Opportunities

  • Help resettle a refugee family in Howard County  - Several hours 

  • Participate in a worship service - Several hours 

  • Teach a Justice lesson to children or adults - Several hours  

  • Coordinate our congregation's UUSC Guest at Your Table campaign - 3 Sundays; 4 hours total in November and December 

  • Plan or participate in a Sunday forum - Several hours 

  • Participate in Multicultural workshop - Several hours, usually Saturday 

  • Participate in a UUSJ or UULM-MD or HoCo Coalition Immigration Action Event  - Several hours 

  • Attend a UUSJ workshop - Several hours, usually Saturday 

  • Attend an IAF affiliate meeting (AIM, BUILD, PATH)  - Several hours, maybe four times yearly, usually evenings 

  • Make phone calls to members and friends of our congregation  - Several hours, throughout the year  

  • Research a national, state or local legislative issue, prepare a fact sheet and suggested message  - Several hours, depending on your interest  

  • Call, visit or write your legislator  - Less than one hour if you call or write, perhaps twice a year

  • Write a letter to the editor  - One hour 

  • Attend the UULM-MD annual meeting and talk with legislators  - Several hours, usually in January and February; annual meeting is on Saturday in January 

  • Staff an exhibit table on Sundays - Several hours, several Sundays 

  • Organize our congregation's UUSC Justice Sunday service and call for UUSC membership - Second Sunday in March, 4 hours 

  • Help to organize our congregation's yearly "call" for membership in UULM-MD and UUSJ - Second Sunday in November, 2 hours 

  • Help to organize UN Sunday and call for UU-UNO membership - One Sunday in October, 2 hours 

  • Help to plan and participate the annual UUSC Justice Sunday - One Sunday in March, 3 hours 

  • Attend a rally or lobby in Annapolis or Washington, D.C., or Howard County - Several hours 

  • Attend a racial justice vigil or Black Lives Matter prayer service - Several hours, once a month

  • Participate in environmental stewardship -- maintain stormwater management drains that Channing has adopted and financially sponsors. 


Action Alerts

MD State General Assembly Now In Session - Contact Legislators to Support Bills That Reflect Our Values.

A Green Opportunity



Channing has adopted and is the financial sponsor of several drains as part of HoCo Ecoworks stormwater management program. Join the team of Kris T., Nancy H. and Julie F. to maintain the drains and share in our environmental stewardship of our community.

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